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My name is Domagoj Osojnik, but you can call me Dom as my colleagues do.

I'm a Personal Chef in Burnaby, BC. You can hire me for your home cooking service, events, and parties.

I am from Croatia, EU, and I am working as a Chef almost 15 years. I studied Culinary Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, and worked in different places in Europe and Canada. My references and work speak instead of me. I am always putting my soul in every meal.

My cooking style is rooted mainly in European cuisine, primarily Croatian and the Mediterranean, with Pacific North-west influences.

My wife is from Phillipines and we are influencing on each other while using our heritage in the kitchen.

Domagoj Osojnik
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More than just cooking

You can directly learn from me. While explaining and answering all your questions in the kitchen, I put my heart into everything I make.

I am a chef specializing in catering or home cooking, a combination of a personal chef and caterer.

As a Personal Chef, I cater to people at their home or event space. Present during the event or party, we can offer you exclusive cooking on location.

Individual menu creation

I cook home-style meals for a reasonable price, create tailor-made menus with a flexible service, and put all my expertise into every meal.

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Your Personal Chef Dom

How to hire me

Personal Chef Dom is a Burnaby based chef service.

Since 2020, me and my wife are together creating menus for birthday parties, anniversaries, and home cooking services.

I offer my service in the greater Vancouver area (Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Metrotown, Surrey, North Vancouver).

Get in touch

Just send me an Email:

Or give me a call: +1 438 836 2879


Get in touch

Your Personal Chef Dom


How many days before my event should I inquire about hiring a Dom Personal chef?

The best is to give us at least seven days' notice to organize your special event. The goal is that all your wants and needs are met within your budget while we can tailor the perfect menu and source ingredients on time. We strive to shop for local and sustainable ingredients curated for your plate.

In which area do you do catering?

We are catering to the greater metropolitan area of Vancouver and 25km from the city center. Exceptions can be made depending on booking - inquire within.

What is your minimum spend for home-style cooking or sit down dinner?

  • Home-style weekly cooking: 1-4 people, from 20$/head
  • Sit Down Dinner: 2 - 12 people, from $120/head

How do I book a Dom Personal chef?

The best is to contact us via telephone or e-mail. We will get in touch shortly to discuss your special event further.

Can I create the menu?

Our whole objective is to tailor a menu to your wants, needs, and budget, which means you'll essentially be creating the menu with our expertise. If there is a last-minute change, we will charge a fee.

Can you create a menu even though a few people in my party or I have an allergy?

We are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements and allergies. Your safety is our priority - We will make sure that there is no cross-contamination when preparing the allergy/dietary restriction associated dish. Please make sure to highlight your dietary restrictions/allergies within your booking.

Do your services include dishware and servers?

Prices listed within our services include ingredients and a Personal Chef for your dining experience. We are happy to provide servers and upon request for an extra fee. We can also refer you to a third-party company for any rentals you may need.

What are the deposit and payment methods?

We require a non-refundable 30% deposit when confirming your reservation to secure your date. The final payment is due after the event is complete. Cash, debit, or credit cards accepted.

What are your late fees?

We are allowed to add a 5% daily late fee to your invoice within 24 hours after our service.

What if I need to cancel my event due to unexpected reasons?

Please contact us as we deal with cancellations on a case by case basis. We may be able to use your deposit for the next booking when it suits you.

Do I have to clean everything up after the event is over?

No, we will make sure your kitchen is spotless before leaving.

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